“Growth” Tee - SurgeStyle Boutique
“Growth” Tee - SurgeStyle Boutique
“Growth” Tee - SurgeStyle Boutique

“Growth” Tee

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Crew neck, boyfriend cut, lilac colored T-shirt. With lettering written in black. “Growth: Ignoring people who deserve to be swung on”. This should be the textbook description!🤣 This shirt is for someone who don’t want to cause harm onto a destructive, emotionally disturbed person. Just let them be, know that your intact and they don’t deserve your attention. Let the T-shirt do the work. Wear to let your neighborhood or neighbor know that your a grown a** adult, and they don’t want to catch those hands. 😤

PS: we/shirt does not condone violence, it’s a warning sign. Express how you see fit 😜


  • Machine wash warm
  • Tumble dry low
  • Do not iron
  • Made with 99% cotton 1% polyester
  • USA 🇺🇸 


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